Great Neighborhoods for Apartments Near Portland State University

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Though many cities are considered to be good locations to live as a young person, Portland is probably one of the friendliest cities when it comes to college students and young professionals. It’s well known for being liberal, hip, accepting, and ahead of the curve. And there is always a ton to do in the city. But when you’re searching for apartments near Portland State University, there are still many different neighborhoods with their own unique personalities and it’s a good idea to figure out what neighborhoods would be best for you.

You have a number of housing options as a student of Portland State University, but what neighborhoods are best for college students and why? We’re glad you asked!

Downtown Portland

Living in Downtown Portland means living at the city’s center. This neighborhood contains many high-end hotels, retail outlets, and restaurants nearby. If you’re the type of person who frequents the theater or museums, then you might want to try to land a place in Downtown’s Cultural district, located along Broadway and South Park blocks. This is the place to live if you’re looking for a high-rise apartment, condo, or a studio over your favorite business. The best part is that PSU is located right beside downtown, so the commute should be a breeze.

Northwest (aka Nob Hill)
Northwest has recently turned into one of Portland’s most fashionable, hip neighborhoods. Luckily, it also happens to be right around the corner from PSU! Northwest got the nickname Nob Hill by having some of the best restaurants and boutiques in the city. This neighborhood offers a variety of housing, from apartments, to condos, to duplexes, to single family homes. The southern part of the Northwest neighborhood is the closet area to PSU, but the University is easily accessible from anywhere in Northwest via streetcar.

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Goose Hollow
Historic Goose Hollow also happens to be adjacent to both Downtown Portland and PSU’s campus. It’s a densely populated part of Portland, making it a fantastic place to explore all the different kinds of people Portland has to offer. The walkability score in this neighborhood is quite high, meaning that it has become an attractive option for PSU students. You have a variety of homes to choose from in this neighborhood. There is everything from town homes to apartments to historic single-family homes. Take your pick to enjoy the gorgeous local architecture and spectacular views!


South Waterfront
Though South Waterfront is known for housing Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), many PSU students have begun moving into this district because of its proximity to PSU. The University can be easily accessed via streetcar. As the name suggests, there are many beautiful waterfront parks and areas of greenery in this neighborhood. If you’re into athletics and outdoor activities, this would be a great place for you. Because this neighborhood is a recently revitalized industrial waterfront, most of the residential options available are high-rise condos and apartment buildings.

For more information about Portland, be sure to check out our Portland Neighborhood Guide.

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