5 Tips to Style Your New Rental Apartment Like a Pro

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Just because you’re the tenant and not the renter doesn’t mean that you cannot imbue your living environment with your personal charm and pizzazz. In fact, if you’re a good tenant and you go the extra mile to maintain a friendly and trusting relationship with your landlord, you might get them to agree on a number of interior design changes that will make your little rental feel like home.

There’s no need to go overboard here, nor do you have to spend a fortune to fix up someone else’s apartment, but you can make some minor adjustments and investments that will breathe new life into the interior! Let’s take a look at some of the top functional and aesthetic style changes you can make to your apartment.

Spruce up the walls with art and wallpapers

You might not be allowed to bang nails into the walls (or you might be), but there is probably not a single rule that prohibits you from sprucing up the walls with self-adhesive art and wallpapers. Nowadays, you can find removable wallpapers in every color and pattern imaginable, which might just be the thing you need to revitalize your living environment. That said, you could just leave the paint job as is and instead opt to portray your artistic side.


Someone who has been living here before you must have left a few nails in the walls behind, so be sure to hang pictures and paintings here first. When you run out of those, worry not, you can still hang your favorite works of art with picture hanging strips that adhere to every surface and can be removed easily. You can even use double-sided tape to achieve the same effect. And voila, you have an apartment full of wall art to impress other people!

Upgrade the fixtures for a polished look

Do the bathroom and kitchen fixtures seem a bit outdated and clunky? Don’t you think that these rooms would look much nicer if these elements were a part of the 21st century? If so, then by all means tell your landlord that you’re doing what they should have done a long time ago. Don’t worry, they won’t object, you’re doing both of you a favor.

This is one of the better ways to make the kitchen and the bathroom look clean, tidy, and polished. And it’s not like you need to spend a fortune on this, as you can easily find medium-quality faucets and other hardware that’s not only good looking, but gets the job done. Pro tip: save the old faucets, and simply reinstall them when you decide to move out. Take the shiny ones with you, of course.

Invest in new focal points in every room

The most important style change you need to make in your apartment, one that serves an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose, is to introduce a focal point in every room. A focal point is not just a décor element that captures the eye, this is also the center point of the room that should imbue the setting with comfort and functionality – it needs to make your living environment that much more purposeful.


To achieve this, think of the one focal piece of furniture you need. For the living room or small studio apartments with limited space, something like modular sofas would work best, as you can use it to seat several people when you’re having friends over, but can then turn it into a bed when it’s time to turn in. Following the same mindset, be sure to choose focal points that will simplify your life, such as a big dining table that turns into a coffee table, or a workstation that transforms into, well, something that doesn’t take up much space when you’re using it.

Imbue with comfort by layering carpets

Ah, the art and science of carpet layering. Carpets might require regular upkeep and vacuuming, but the beauty and comfort they bring to a living environment are well-worth the effort. To create a cozy landing spot for your feet beneath the bathtub or the bed is one of those things that never fails to put a smile on your face, and to walk around in the living room barefoot without feeling cold is one of those feelings that are charmingly reminiscent of home.


So don’t settle for tile floors or bland laminate flooring, instead, add a carpet to every room. You can also layer them to create a pathway around the apartment, making sure that no step lands on a hard, cold surface. Choose vibrant designs and color patterns to bring out that lively, quirky look that will inspire positivity throughout the day.

Scale the lighting just right

And finally, don’t forget to tinker with the lighting scheme a bit. No electrical work if you’re not qualified, just some minor changes to the light sources around the apartment in order to create a cozier setting. Start by switching out the overly bright light bulbs with their warmer, energy-efficient counterparts, and then proceed to add light sources in key areas.

Consider adding a freestanding lamp at each side of the sofa, for example, or add an ornate table lamp on the coffee table in the center of the seating area to create a focal light source that casts an intimate glow. With your landlord’s permission, you can also bring in a certified electrician to modify the base lighting in every room and make it dimmable – it’s an easy way to set the ambiance for every occasion.

Final thoughts

It might not be your first apartment, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t feel like home. Use these tips to make small yet effective changes to the interior that will inspire you to fall in love with your new home and make lifelong memories for as long as you live here.