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For mere mortals, apartment searches can be tough work. Checking for availability and new listings every day. Scrolling through disfigured listings on Craigslist. Coordinating  with your roommates. Ugh! It’s enough to make you want to live in an arctic ice cave.

Not any more!

At Abodo, we are on a mission to make apartment search so good that you’ll feel like a superhero.  So we’re making it easy – no, awesome – to search for a great apartment. Today, we’re happy to announce two new features that make apartment hunting so easy that life as you know it will never be the same.

Apartment Precognition

If all you cared about was four walls and a roof, finding a great apartment would be easy. But some of us care about more esoteric things like a dishwasher or a fitness room. Hey, you may even want to have your trusted sidekick, Rover,  live with you.

Now with Abodo’s supernatural Email Alerts, you can specify the exact apartment features that you’re looking for and then get email alerts as soon as they’re available. Pick the apartment configuration that you’re interested in, including price range and features, and we’ll send you new listings right to your inbox. Want to see email alerts in action? Check out this short video:

Roommate Telepathy

If your a superhero on the side of good and justice, then you probably don’t live alone in dark cave. You might even have a couple of crime-fighting mates.

Abodo’s supercharged Share feature makes it super easy to find a great apartment and share it with your roommates easily with email or through Facebook. Here’s a quick video to show you just how easy:

Ready to find your next apartment? Search for an apartment on Abodo!

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