Hunting for an Apartment? Our Apartment Search App for iPhone is Your New Best Friend!

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Love being able to find exclusive apartment listings in any city within minutes? Luckily, there’s ABODO for that and our awesome Apartment Search App for iPhone.

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite rental listing site finally has an app for the iOS (and it’s free)! As if ABODO wasn’t convenient enough, you can now access apartment listings from anywhere. The new ABODO app was just released, now making the search simpler than ever.

Looking for an apartment takes up a lot of time and, unfortunately, it always seems like time is in short supply. Life can get hectic when you’re working a full-time job or taking six classes. After all, that term paper doesn’t just write itself! You can only browse through listings when life permits. Do you get tired of waiting until the last minute and settle for a run-down place? Sick of having the perfect apartment snatched from your fingers because you couldn’t get to your computer on time? The ABODO app makes both of these problems completely irrelevant.

The ABODO app has many features similar to the website, but the search process has become much more streamlined. The search begins as soon as you open the app. A friendly little window will appear asking to locate you. Once you agree, it’ll show you a clean map of your area, dotted with red specks that will identify all nearby rentals. You can easily zoom in and out to access different areas of the map.

Too broad of a search for you? Looking for an apartment outside of your current location? Not to worry! You can apply filters to your search in the upper righthand corner of the app. You can fill out what city you’re looking for, a range of rent prices, rental type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, availability, and any specific amenities you’re looking for. Obviously, the more specific your search, the less apartments will appear on the map. This helps you narrow down your search based on location and preferences, making your search even faster.

See a dot in a neighborhood that interests you? Give it a little tap and a picture of the property – along with its price and location – slides in from the bottom of the screen. If the apartment intrigues you, you can access a more specific screen by tapping on the picture. This will lead you to an entirely different screen that details information about the property, including address, floorplans, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, utilities, pet friendliness, parking, laundry, and a description of the property as provided by the landlord. If it’s an apartment building with multiple units available, you can even look at the specs of each unit under the “Floorplans” section.

If you find that home that you absolutely have to have, you don’t have to do any annoying Google searches on your iPhone browser. The app gives you direct access to call or email the landlord and find out more information about your dream apartment. Again, this app couldn’t make the apartment searching process any simpler!

The ABODO app’s sleek aesthetic makes it quick to load, simple to use, and easy on the eyes. Conduct your apartment search on-the-go and in style!

Now there is no excuse not to find the best apartment in your city. You can look up some of the best, most exclusive listings in your area no matter where you are. Be your own real estate agent on your lunch break, at the doctor’s office, on a boring date, or even in class (just don’t get caught with your phone)!

Want to access the best apartment app out there? Get it FREE on iTunes.