ABODO’s Tournament of Rents

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Now that your bracket is in shambles, it’s time for ABODO’s Tournament of Rents, everyone’s favorite corollary to the NCAA Tournament.

Or, as we like to call it to avoid the NCAA’s lawyers: BASKETBALL LUNACY: THE REMAINING QUARTET.

This week, we’ll be pitting the four remaining teams — Gonzaga, South Carolina, Oregon, and UNC — against each other. But we won’t be measuring their competition via made baskets. Instead, we’ll let the games play out by median one-bedroom rent price.

Here’s how the Bulldogs, Gamecocks, Ducks, and Tar Heels would stack up, if rent were the only determinant. And it goes without saying that in rent-ball, a lower rent wins out every time.

(All data is from ABODO listings.)

Game #1

Gonzaga (Spokane) vs. South Carolina (Columbia)

With one-bedrooms going for $650 per month, Spokane has the lowest median rent of any city in the tournament. Renting an apartment in the Home of the Bulldogs is about $200 cheaper than it is in Gamecock country, where the median one-bedroom price is $853 per month.



Game #2

Oregon (Eugene) vs. UNC (Chapel Hill)

The Oregon Ducks haven’t made it to the Final 4 in 78 years. And it’s probably been about that long since rents in Chapel Hill were anything close to Eugene’s $716 median one-bedroom rent. If you’re looking to rent in Chapel Hill, look out — a one-bedroom in the crowded center of Tar Heel nation will set you back $1,180 per month.

WINNER: Ducks.


Check back next week, when we’ll see how our predictions for BASKETBALL LUNACY: THE REMAINING QUARTET match reality in the NCAA Tournament. (You’d be surprised.)