5 Tips to Throw a Great Housewarming Party

in Renter Life

Getting your first apartment is an exciting event. Not only is it a chance to arrange the space the way you want it done, it’s also a kind of Declaration of Independence for a college student or young professional. It’s only natural that you’d want to throw a little shindig to show off your new pad! Never thrown a housewarming party before? Don’t be intimidated. Here are five essentials for hosting the best housewarming party ever.

Keep a Clean Space
Though some house parties might have a cute theme and some accompanying cheesy décor, this probably isn’t the best route to go for a housewarming party. After all, housewarming parties are all about showing off your new place, right? What’s the better way to do that than keeping your apartment tidy and nicely decorated for the event? Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful thing in the world. Make your home look clean and pleasant to live in. This will help boost the party atmosphere and get you a lot of compliments in the process.

Prepare the Playlist
Like any other kind of party, having great background music is essential. Having a rockin’ playlist makes any awkward silences a little less awkward, provides a potential conversation topic for guests, and sets the tone for the evening. Keep your guests’ music tastes in mind when creating a playlist. Everyone should be tapping their foot at some point. If everyone attending your event has dramatically different tastes, try selecting something instrumental and neutral. Anything that will blend into the background, like trip hop, improvisational jazz or singer-songwriter, is a good bet. Make a separate playlist for any dancey, upbeat moments that may arise later in the evening or once the alcohol starts flowing.

Other Entertainment
Though the background music will create a lovely atmosphere and giving little house tours will be fun, it is usually a good idea to provide guests some additional entertainment. Unless you’re having live music (usually not the best option in an apartment building), the music will only serve as a mood setter. Set up a board game corner stocked with fun multiplayer games. Play cards together or watch a movie at some point in the evening.

Plan a Menu to Remember
Food and drink can make or break a party. Whether you’re entertaining outside in winter or having a nice summer party, nothing keeps people happier than a full belly, a well-made drink, and great conversation. Most housewarming parties don’t involve dinner, so at least you don’t have to worry about that. Find some unique and interesting finger foods that people can eat in one cite and carry around easily. Distribute the food platters in both the kitchen and living room area, so people can grab snacks as they move throughout the house. Setting up a little home bar will also help get the conversation going. It gives your guests the club amenities, without the sweat or loud music.

Making the Most of a Small Space
Having an apartment housewarming is not going to be the same as a home housewarming. Your neighbors are closer – so noise sensitivity is up – and it’s likely that your space will be limited. Though you want to showcase your apartment space, make sure that your guests have enough room to move around. If you have too many friends and not enough space, consider moving some of your furniture out of the way and throw down some floor pillows. This will create a casual “sleep over” environment that will facilitate conversation, put people at ease, and create a party to remember.

The most important tip of all? Enjoy yourself. Entertaining can sometimes feel stressful. But if you take a deep breath before your guests arrive and remind yourself that you only live once, you might find that throwing your own party is as much fun as going to someone else’s!

Photo Credit: Flickr, DeviantArtFlickrer