How to Collaborate With Your Roommates on ABODO in 6 Easy Steps

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Looking for an apartment by yourself is no easy task, but the process can be ten times more difficult when you have roommates to worry about too! When you have to work with many different – and sometimes even opposing – needs, desires, and schedules, things can get real frustrating, real quick. Luckily, ABODO has a few handy features that makes collaborating with your roommates a cinch! Check out how you can utilize ABODO’s nifty features to show and discuss awesome apartments to your roommates.

Step 1 – Create Your Free Account

Create Your Free Account

Create Your Free Account

First thing’s first: Create your personal account. Luckily, our process is free of any fuss and frills. We’re not going to bother you asking you for all that unnecessary info like address or credit card number or favorite school subject. Just enter in your name, email, and password for your free account!

Step 2 – Find Your City

Once you’ve created an account you can immediately go to ABODO’s home page and get started. No messing with confirmation emails and the like. ABODO’s homepage will allow you search for properties in the city of your choice. You can select from the popular college cities listed below the search bard to read the neighborhood guides and look at properties in the area. Don’t see your city listed? Just type the city’s name and state in the search bar and ABODO will take you there!

Step 3 – Narrow Down Your Search

Narrow Down Your Properties

Too many properties for you to look at? No worries! Use the toolbar to narrow things down a little.

Find your city map of choice? Awesome! Overwhelmed by the number of properties in the area? Don’t worry! The property search toolbar right above the map will be your best friend. Narrow down your search by choosing your preferred location, budget, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This will make most of the excess properties disappear from the map, allowing you to look through specific properties that meet your basic criteria.

Step 4 – Find & Favorite Properties You Like

Hovering over and clicking on property bubbles will give you the skinny on each apartment.

Now that you have a manageable amount of properties to choose from, it’s time to get browsing! Hover your cursor over each property bubble to get some basic info about the apartment. If you want to see more information, simply click on the property to get the inside scoop about the place.


Like what you see? Save an intriguing property to your favorites list!

Once you find a property that looks like a great option for you and your roommate(s), add the property to your Favorites list. You can do this by clicking on the little star icon in the upper righthand corner of the apartment slideshow.

Favorites list

Welcome to your favorites list!

After you’ve added all of the properties that interest you, access your Favorites List by going to the labeled section on ABODO’s main toolbar.

Step 5 – Collaborate With Friends

The Collaborate Button allows you to share your Favorites List with anyone you please!

Alright, it’s finally time to get this show on the road! If you want to show your roommate(s) the properties on your Favorites List, then start by clicking on the Collaborate Button at the upper righthand corner of the screen. You can then enter in the email of your roommate(s), giving them access to your entire Favorites List. You can unlink them from your Favorites List whenever you choose by going to this screen and deleting then from your Access List.

Email received

This friendly little email will appear in their Inbox.

Once you give them access to your Favorites List, this email will pop up in their Inbox inviting them to join you on ABODO. Keep in mind that they will have to make a personal account, but again, the process is ridiculously easy and takes less than 30 seconds for most. After creating an account, they will be able to look at the properties you’ve favorited, which will appear under their Favorites List.

But I only want to share one property…

Share individual properties

You can also share individual properties via email or, if you’re feeling ambitious, through Facebook!

Not tryna share your entire Favorites List with someone? No problem! Simply go to the individual property listing on your Favorites List, click on the share icon, choose the email option, then choose type in your roommate’s email address and maybe maybe even a customized message. This icon also allows you to share a single property on Facebook, should you so desire!

Step 6 – Collaborate Away!

Once you can both see the property listings, there is no need to email back and forth about this or that property. Have some thoughts on a certain apartment you’ve Favorited? Just add a comment by clicking on the “Add Notes” button, typing your thoughts into the comment bar, and pressing “Enter” to submit. After entering in your note, your comment will appear beneath the property, along with a time signature.

Respond to comments

Your roommate can even reply to your notes or create notes of their own!

Your roommate can also reply to your notes about a particular property, allowing you both to talk about what apartments work for you, what apartments don’t, and how to move forward. Collaborating on an apartment search with your roommate doesn’t get much easier than this!

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