7 Quirky Items to Complete Your Eclectic Apartment

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There will always be new and exciting trends in interior design to uncover and explore, but one of the hippest trends in contemporary apartments is the eclectic apartment. This design theme revolves around pulling interesting pieces from different time periods and styles to create a harmonious look onto its own. Eclectic apartments generally have a very intimate, cozy feel about them because all of the pieces used are unique and hand-selected by the designer. They reveal a person’s personality and avoid the cheesiness that can crop up when designing a room around a single theme or time period.

The key to creating the perfect eclectic apartment style is to choose unique, quirky items that work together with other elements of the room and will serve as objects of interest. Still don’t know where to begin? Well, start by finding one cool item that you really enjoy and begin building your room around that object. Below are some fantastic items to start with. Pick one and get decorating!

Slice of Time Clock
The best part about clocks is that they are both decorative and practical. Though digital clocks are the easiest to read, they aren’t quite as much fun as old analog clocks. A unique clock can truly become the centerpiece of an eclectic apartment and the Slice of Time Clock from Modcloth is no exception. This clock has a surreal look to it, giving you just a slice of an antique style grandfather clock and updating a classic look. However, this strange face and intricate hands are all your need to tell the time. It’s a unique, yet understated piece for any room. It also has exceptional reviews on Modcloth, having been praised for its expensive look and accuracy. This clock is also easy to hang up and only requires one AA battery to operate.

Honeycomb Mirror
Mirrors are not just good for admiring yourself or reminding you that you have an awful pimple above your left eyebrow. They also make a great decorative addition to any room, particularly if you want to make a space look a little bigger. There are many different kinds of mirrors out there, but this Honeycomb Mirror from Anthropologie is quite a unique piece. The mirror “pods” are arranged to simulate one of nature’s most beautiful creations. This would make a fabulous addition to any eclectic apartment because of its timeless, organic appearence. Most reviews suggest that it is more a piece of artwork than a practical, functioning mirror, meaning it may not be the best option for your bathroom or bedroom. It also requires extra hardware to hang, so be prepared to do a little work to get this baby up on the wall!

Invisible Bookshelf
Bookshelves come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of practicality. Anyone who loves to browse interior design websites knows that bookshelves serve a practical purpose, while also having an aesthetic appeal. The Invisible Bookshelf from Urban Outfitters is a deceivingly simple shelf that also uses the books themselves as a display. It’s simply a small piece of metal attached to the wall that “hides” beneath a stack of books. The base book needs to be larger than the books stacked on top of it to create the full effect. Also keep in mind that reviews say that these shelves are best used for larger books that can be easily stacked and fit into the shelf’s pre-existing framework. This is the perfect subtle addition to any eclectic apartment!

Hybrid Ambiance Lamp
Picking eye-catching lighting pieces is one great way to decorate a room and create a specific kind of ambiance in a room. With that being said, the Hybrid Ambiance Lamp from Modcloth is aptly named. As stated in the product description, this steampunk style lamp looks like it hopped right out of the pages of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novel. It has a vintage style lightbulb with a glass cover that is reminiscent of Tesla and Edison invention displays. If you want to add the perfect Victorian touch to an eclectic apartment, then this light is the way to go! Considering its unique appearance and all of the compliments it will earn you, it’s pretty affordable. Though it isn’t powerful enough to light up an entire room, it makes for a great table lamp in a living room or bedroom.

Tufted Jellyfish Rug
Who said that beautiful art is just good for the wall? Rugs can really add the perfect finishing touch to a room, whether it’s the centerpiece or just a complimenting feature. The best part about this Tufted Jellyfish Rug from Anthropologie  is that it fall right in the middle. Its individualistic appearance and impeccable design makes it stand out among other rugs. After all, it could certainly be a piece of art in its own right. However, the neutral coloration also makes it a perfect subtle detail or complimenting feature. This makes it a sensational addition to any eclectic apartment. The gorgeous jellyfish is well-drawn and is raised from its neutral background to give it an even greater “Wow factor.” Reviews suggest that this rug be placed in a room without a lot of shoe traffic, as the light color really absorbs dirt on the bottom of shoes.

Berkley Illustration Pillows
Pillows are the perfect opportunity to accent any furnishings in the house and add a little extra flair to a room. You can go with a bright, bold pattern or some distinctive artwork. The small line of Berkley Illustration Pillows by Urban Outfitters can add the perfect quirky touch to any eclectic apartment. Each overstuffed accent pillow is made of fine woven cotton. They bare cute bust illustrations of various animal characters dressed in classic clothing. There are three different styles, giving you a good amount of choice and variation. You can even use all three in one room! These pillows would be a wonderful addition to eclectic apartments that are heavily influenced by English or Scandinavian Countryside. See the Urban Outfitters website to get a better idea of scale.

LEGO Storage BoxesLEGO® Storage Boxes
Normal plastic storage containers are more often seen as a necessary evil more than a decorative item. They are usually best kept out of sight. However, there are many options out there for more appealing storage containers, meaning that they never have to be an eyesore again. In fact, they can even be fun! These Official LEGO® Storage Boxes can be found in many places, but one of the best places to get them from is The Container Store. Though most might initially see them as children’s decor, they can add the perfect playful touch to any bedroom or office. The great part is that they are generously sized and can stack up to five boxes high. In a sense, it’s like building with legos all over again (only much more practically). 

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