4 Quirky Rentals in Milwaukee

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If you’re looking for a new apartment in Cream City, you’ve probably spent days typing in some variation of “rental properties milwaukee wi” into google. You’ve probably surfed your way through some less than desirable apartments on Craigslist. You’ve probably started to tear your hair out.

But what if you just want an affordable apartment with a little style? Something that won’t cost an arm and a leg, but will still make you feel like you’re living in a unique spot, not just a box with windows and a stove?

First tip: Get off Craigslist and onto ABODO.

Second tip: Read this list.

Third tip: Act fast. These places won’t last.

Knitting Factory Lofts

Yes, you’ll be living in a former knitting factory. No, you won’t have to bring your own needles and yarn. Instead, enjoy exposed brick, plentiful light from huge windows, and amenities like an on-site fitness center and 12-seat movie theater. Plus, that location! Adjacent to Mitchell Park, the Knitting Factory Lofts are just minutes away from some of Milwaukee’s biggest attractions.

918 East Knapp Street

This apartment is perfect for UW-Milwaukee students who want to keep their overhead low while also enjoying some unique touches. To wit: Apartments in this building feature fireplaces (complete with green tile) as well as Grecian columns. The atmosphere might be palatial, but at $700 a month (heat included) the rent certainly isn’t.

2239 North Terrace Avenue

We know it says this house costs $4,500 a month. But hear us out. It’s a five-bedroom, and split five ways, you’ll only be paying $900 a month. And look at it! A Queen Anne with lake views, gorgeous hardwood flooring and detailing throughout. Two stories. A remodeled kitchen, complete with wet bar. Built-in bookshelves. A fireplace. A bathroom with a shower big enough to wash a baby elephant. Couldn’t you see yourself living here?

1807–09 E. Olive Street

If this apartment were in Chicago, you’d be looking at two grand a month. But in Milwaukee, a fair distance from Marquette and downtown, it’s a steal at $895. The building’s Tudor exterior is a pretty good indication of what everything looks like indoors: antique fixtures, built-in bookshelves, hardwood floors, and enormous windows. If you fancy yourself the type of person to throw lavish dinner parties on a delivery pizza budget, this could be the place for you.

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