3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Madison Roommate

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Whether it’s your first time out of the UW dorms or you’re a young professional looking to lower your monthly rent payments, living with roommates can be a great way to streamline your finances. But finding the right roommate for your personality and lifestyle is a little more involved than just typing in your preferred square footage or using ABODO’s easy-to-use filters to find an apartment in Madison. That’s why we’ve come out with three tips for finding the perfect roommate in Madison.

  1. Cast a Wide Net
    If you’re in college, you might be tempted to just room with your best friends, and if you’re a young professional… well, hopefully you have enough sense to not try to live with a coworker. In any case, friendship isn’t always the best indicator of a successful roommate situation. Just because you’re besties, that doesn’t mean you should be roomies — in fact, living with someone has a way of complicating friendships. Instead, examine all your options: Broaden your search to acquaintances, classmates, and other people with whom you have mutual interests. You might find that your friends are the perfect fit, or you might meet someone who’s perfect for your three bedroom. It’s far more important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to rent and lifestyle than it is for everyone to already be friends.

  2. Interview
    Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential roommates to a manageable length, take them out for coffee (may we suggest Bradbury’s or Cassetta?) and ask them a few questions. It doesn’t have to be formal, and you don’t need to bring along a polygraph. But asking a few questions — When do you wake up? Are you a neat-freak or a slob? Are Friday nights going to find you at the Tiki or curled up on our couch? — can save you headaches later.
  3. Tour Together
    Touring apartments is a great way to find out if you and a potential roommate have similar #apartmentgoals. If your potential roommate seems great in an interview but turns his nose up at any apartment that doesn’t have a rooftop pool and shaded patio (We’re looking at you, Lucky), and your needs are more… approachable, then he might not be the right match for you. Similarly, if you prefer pristine, newer developments and she’s fine with a fixer-upper, it might be better to part ways. Even if you find you have similar tastes when it comes to floorplans, touring apartments together ensures that you both love the place where you’ll live. The roommates who tour together, stay together.