10 Damage-Free Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

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Living an apartment means you only have limited space to fit all your stuff and still have clear areas to breathe and unwind. So it’s a huge challenge for people dwelling in an apartment to declutter their home. Which items to keep? I need this item, but I need more space too!

And let’s not get started with the house rules you have to follow every time. No drilling there, no hammering here.

Ah, the struggle is real, isn’t it? But worry not! Here are 10 ways to make your decluttering hassle-free and maximize your limited space wisely!

1. Set a few minutes of decluttering a day

Decluttering is overwhelming at first glance, and if you do it all at once, you’re bound to feel more stressed. It’s best to stick with a 15-minute routine of decluttering some areas in your apartment. You can slowly increase your dedicated time whenever you’re feeling up to it.

2. Make a decluttering schedule and journal

Most people find it helpful to write down their decluttering plans and goals for the day. Grab a blank notebook and pen, or open your phones’ notes app, and list down everything you need to accomplish within the day, the week, and the month. At the end of the day, you can list what you’ve accomplished with your decluttering duties to track your progress!

3. Stay away from sentiments and nostalgia when going through all your stuff

According to the experts at Home Awakening, “when decluttering, hold a strong desire to get rid of the unnecessary items. Are you really using it? Keep it. Is it serving you other purposes than bringing back memories? If no, then you need to let that item go.”

If a particular item holds huge sentimental value for you, just take photos. They don’t take as much as space as your stuff, especially when they’re just stored in your phone.

4. Use the “three boxes” method

Grab three large boxes and label each as trash, keep, and donate/give away. Bring these three boxes with you while going through your stuff so you could just toss and toss your stuff.

Item already served its purpose? Shoot it in the trash box.

You use this stuff every time? Good, that goes in the keep box.

Got some clothes and other items that would still be useful for others? Keep ’em in the donate box.

5. Keep tab of the expiry dates of your grocery items

Before putting your grocery items in the pantry or fridge, grab a paper, sticky note, or open your notes app on your phone, and list all the expiry dates. Once you’ve kept the groceries away, you can organize the dates, starting from the nearest expiry date. This way, you can keep track of groceries that need to go in the bin!

6. Transfer food products to containers

Save some spaces in your pantry shelves by transferring these food products in transparent containers. You can print some labels on sticker paper to make them more organized! These containers can make your inventory look nicer, and it’s easier to track of your staple supplies!

7. Do the decluttering trick of backwards hanger in your closet

This trick would help you let go of your clothes and other wardrobe items that you don’t really need. The idea is, you turn all your hangers around so they’re hanging backward on the rod. When you use a cloth/wardrobe item, and you’re bringing it back to your closet, hang the hanger in the “correct” position.

Then, after a month, see which items are still hanging backward. These are the items you’ve never used, and no, you’ll never get the idea of using them in the future either. Discard these items or donate them to charities instead.

8. Use tapes to help you determine which kitchen tools to keep

This one’s like the backward hangers trick, but for your kitchenware. Here’s how it goes. You put a piece of tape on the handle of all your kitchenwares -pots, pans, spatulas, trays, everything. Every time you’re using any of these kitchen items, remove the tape.

After a few months (or year), check all your kitchenware and see which items still have tapes. These unused kitchen items just add to the clutter, so better get rid of them or, again, donate them to someone who can use them more.

9. Hook and hang as many items as you can

That’s why hooks and hangers are an apartment dweller’s best friends. No need to drill holes or hammer nails in the wall. Just stick a hook or push pin in the wall, or have some strings attached to the ceiling, and you’re good to go.

You can simply attach some strings to a rack and voila, hanging clothes rack. Or, you can use those hat racks that come with tapes at the back to stick on your walls. Hats and caps can also function as wall decors too!  

10. Use your space wisely with multipurpose furniture

Beds with storage cabinets underneath them, shelves with pullout desks -these trendy pieces of furniture can do wonders on your apartment space! No need to buy two separate, bulky furniture that would consume much of your already-limited space or any of those plastic bin storages that are visually disappointing to look at.

Bonus Tip: Practicing a minimalist lifestyle is the best way to avoid clutter

In today’s time where so many visually appealing items keep popping up, along with easier shopping methods and plenty of sales and promos, it’s easy to be tempted to just buy and buy. As some may think, what if they’ll need this item in the future? Or maybe this stuff could spruce up their small space?

But in reality, living with less is more. You get less mess, you get more space. You have less stress, you have more peaceful and clearer wellbeing. So stick with less stuff and your apartment will become the best home you could ever have!