10 Websites College Students Should Check Obsessively During Class

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Being a college student can be disorienting. You’re on your own for the first time, with brand-new responsibilities and distractions — parties, extracurriculars, attractive fellow students — on all sides. It can be hard to be an adult… or at least a collegiate adult. Sometimes you need a little help, or at least some commiseration. Luckily, there’s a whole host of blogs online dedicated to college life. Some of them are funny, some are instructive. But all are worth reading during an interminable lecture on the poetry of Edmund Spenser.


Want to keep up with the news but don’t have the money for a subscription to the paper of record? Don’t rely on the campus paper to give you Washington Post-level analysis of current affairs. Instead, use TheSkimm, which helpfully breaks down the major stories of the day into a one-page briefing every day. Best of all, you can sign up for an email service that will deliver the news straight into your inbox for free.

College Humor

OK, so this one isn’t really a “blog,” but it is a frequently visited hub that tackles issues college students everywhere face — especially the awkward ones. From doing your taxes, to the 10 stages of a college breakup, College Humor has you covered.

HuffPo College

Huffington Post’s college section isn’t just geared toward college students, with stories about university life and education. It’s usually written by current college students, which means that the tone and perspective is relatable and real. It’s one thing to read about rape culture or free speech in the editorial pages of the New York Times. But it’s another to read about them from your peers.

Her Campus

As you can likely infer from the name, this is a female-focused blog that covers relevant news stories (such as Ivanka Trump’s rise in the White House or Starbucks’ textable gift cards) and offers advice on everything from fashion to professional development. Plus, they have dozens of chapters for colleges across the country that are filled with local, personalized content. To keep all of those pages populated and pertinent, reader submissions are encouraged — they’ll even send out prompts for featured stories.

Cal Newport, aka Study Hacks

Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown who has also written five books on concentration, studying, and academic success. His widely-read blog shares studying “hacks,” exercises designed to increase mental efficiency, and advice about productivity and habit-building. And since he interacts with them every day, Newport understands how to write for a college audience. Nothing too woo-woo here.

The Black Sheep

It’s like The Onion, in that it occasionally tucks little nuggets of truth into its farcical news stories, but it’s entirely college-focused. And like Her Campus, it has chapters based on dozens of campuses around the country, so you can gleefully identify with sarcastic commentaries about life on your campus.

Jessica Slaughter

Jessica Slaughter is a computer engineering major at the University of Texas who blogs about college, healthy lifestyles, and natural beauty products. Her blog is gorgeous — artfully designed and filled with IG-worthy photos. Her passion for clean living and empowering women in the tech workforce, as well as her relatable and chatty style, make for addictive reading.

Collegiate Cook

Are you getting a little tired of microwave ramen and peanut butter sandwiches? Collegiate Cook has you covered, with an entire section devoted to cooking in a cramped and ill-equipped dorm — and then there’s another section for drinks, another for party foods, and another with helpful lifestyle tips. It’s dorm decor to microwaveable risotto.


This venerable institution, which since 2011 has viewed current events, politics, and pop culture through a feminist lens, isn’t technically college-focused. But it’s one of the best sources on the internet for smart, funny commentary on topics both important (national politics) and trivial (the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules).

The Tab

Giving young journalists an outlet to share original stories, The Tab covers a little bit of everything. Instead of spending your time buying custom papers, read about breaking news about an overseas terror attack? Check. Breakdown of a raunchy breakup over Twitter? Why not. There’s useful information about which majors are landing the most jobs, and then there’s a Tinder teardown in the adjacent column. The Tab will keep you talking.