[Rent Report] One-Bedroom Units Rebound in November 2019

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Last month we reported that one and two-bedroom units showed a leveling-off trend, and in November we are seeing a moderate reversal as: One-bedroom units increased to levels not seen since August. One-bedroom decreases were mild with the exception of Syracuse, NY. Two-bedroom units stopped their slide and returned to a YTD increase of 5.73 […]

Renting an Apartment with Bad Credit: Yes, It’s Possible!

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Today it is tougher than ever to get into the apartment we want or get into an apartment period; renters are riddled with questions about how to go about finding a place. With supply and demand out of favor with the tenants, we must now learn how to navigate the rental market waters if we […]

Renting to families with kids

Rental Property Features People With Kids are Looking For

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Renting the property doesn’t always come easy, no matter what movies told you. There are a lot of things to pay attention to, and missing just one key feature can make your life in a new property a quite uncomfortable experience. Now, when you’re a college student or a young person who just loves to […]

A Twin Cities home rental will keep you near both Minneapolis and St. Paul, while giving you a yard and extra space

Condo or Apartment in Minneapolis vs. St. Paul: What To Do

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Ready for a change of space? Perhaps you live in a large house and want to downsize, or maybe you’ve saved up and are ready to live closer to St Paul, or Minneapolis, metropolitan area. Either way, there is an abundance of apartments and condos from which to choose. The big question, of course, is […]

Moving checklist

Five Easy Steps How to Transform Your Apartment

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A fairly common problem is when, at first glance, everything is fine your new apartment — the furniture is in place, the color scheme is comfortable, the decor is not annoying, but something is still wrong. Familiar situation? Most likely, your interior just needs a little update. Instead of rushing to the store for new decor […]

Home office design

Designing a Home Office in Your Apartment to Increase Productivity

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If you are self-employed, a freelancer, or just enjoy working remotely there are many opportunities available in today’s job market. Yet, working from home will provide you with a set of challenges to overcome that you would never experience in a typical office setting.  The most important difference is that you are ultimately responsible for […]