March 2019 Rent Report

[National Report] Are First Quarter Prices Steadily Rising?

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We left last month expecting moderate increases, and our March statistics show that we are in the upper ranges of what we would call a moderate upward median rent trend. Let’s get into the details. One-bedroom units clocked in with a healthy 1.45 percent March gain to a median price of $1,050—up $10 from February. […]

rent vs own debate

Are You Actually Wasting Money on Rent? Maybe Not.

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As you get older and your friends begin to purchase homes, it’s easy to feel pressured to buy a home of your own. You might also feel pressure from parents and relatives to buy because “it’s an investment” or so you can “stop wasting money on rent.” And although it’s true that purchasing a home […]

10 Damage-Free Ways to Declutter Your Apartment

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Living an apartment means you only have limited space to fit all your stuff and still have clear areas to breathe and unwind. So it’s a huge challenge for people dwelling in an apartment to declutter their home. Which items to keep? I need this item, but I need more space too! And let’s not […]

Space-Saving Furniture for Your Studio or Small Apartment

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Consolidation is key when it comes to living in a smaller space or downsizing. You can clear your clutter and rearrange your closet a million times, but it all comes down to the furniture you choose. Making a small space comfortable yet stylish is possible, especially when you opt for furniture that is functional and […]

5 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

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If you are a homeowner, you would most likely not think twice about getting homeowners insurance. In fact, most lenders will require that you do. As a renter, however, you are not generally obligated to purchase renters insurance. There are, however, a number of very good reasons why you might want to. Here are 5 […]

Make your furniture double as storage

5 Clever Ways to Add Storage to Your Apartment

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Apartment living is fun. Whether you’re a student, young couple saving up for your first home or downsizing, apartments have so much to offer: quiet rural retreats, exciting city living, communities filled with new people to meet and an easy, carefree lifestyle. There’s just one thing you might be looking for more of – storage. […]