Downsizing to an apartment

The Upside of Downsizing to an Apartment

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The American Dream has been working on us from a young age. Grow-up, go to college, get a career, and buy a house—the bigger, the better. But with a larger house comes a larger payment plan, as well as more debts you just simply wouldn’t incur otherwise. Expenses like a lawnmower, new roof, renovations, and […]

Houston, Texas Apartments

The Most Affordable Houston Neighborhoods

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Any one of us who has been on a hunt for an apartment knows that the price of the monthly rent is the most important factor to consider. Of course, safety, access to services and amenities, infrastructure, distance to work, general atmosphere, etc. are all important indicators which factor in our decision to a certain […]

Rent vs Buy

5 Reasons Why Renting is Better Than Buying a Home

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You’ve probably heard all the arguments in the renting vs buying a house debate: “Rent never ends” “Buying a house means at least something goes to equity” “A home is like a bank account” These are seem true on the surface, but hardly capture the entire story. So, why would anyone want to rent rather […]

Puppy Safe

3 Modifications That Will Keep Your Puppy Safe in Your Apartment

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If you’re moving apartments with your new bundle of joy, your puppy, there are certain things  you’ll need to do before, and even after you move in to prepare. Surprised? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. “Many puppy owners don’t quite realize that moving into a new apartment or house with a puppy isn’t […]