November Rent Report

[NATIONAL REPORT] Are U.S. Rent Prices Officially Stable?

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2018 has seen rent prices meander as July showed the beginning of a trend toward higher prices, but October brought a halt to that. Our November report shows that one-bedroom units were basically flat with a statistically insignificant .08 percent fall — a median rent decrease of only one dollar from October to November. Two-bedroom […]

Renters Insurance Companies

New-Age Renters Insurance Companies Every Millennial Should Know

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Finding and moving into an apartment is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of new responsibility — one of those responsibilities being renters insurance. You may be thinking, “Doesn’t my landlord have insurance that covers me?” It’s a common misconception when renting. While you aren’t legally required to buy renters insurance (some […]

How to Find a Qualified Mover

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How to find the most qualified mover for your apartment move? Is Googling “moving company” really the best way of finding a mover for your apartment move? Sure you will find a zillion moving companies, but how do you know if it’s a mover you can trust? One who knows how great you look in […]

Studio apartment

Choosing an Apartment: What Factors Should You Focus On?

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Like most people who’re on the market for property, whether for rental or purchase purposes, you probably feel confused at the lack of distinction between a loft, a condo and a studio apartment. You see, all of these three options are quite similar which makes choosing either one a difficult process. However, the good news […]