[National Rent Report] One-Bedroom Units Halt Their Decline in October

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Last month we noted a significant downward trend in both one and two-bedroom units median rents. In October we saw a more moderate picture as: One-bedroom units halted their slide and actually rose .10 percent. Two-bedroom units continued to fall but at a statistically insignificant .16 percent rate. We saw no double-digit gainers or losers […]

Moving checklist

How To Spend The First Night In Your New Place

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You’ve found a great apartment, and you’re officially moving into a new place — you’re happier than ever. Looking for a new place to live was difficult and time-consuming, and now you get to sit back and enjoy yourself in a new pad. However, you’re not quite done yet. You need to figure out how […]

Dog Friendly Apartment

How to Ask Your Landlord About Changing Pet Policies

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If you’re a pet owner — or aspire to be one — you probably don’t want to wait for homeownership. Our pets bring us joy, and we want to give them the best lives possible. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to see the upside. Many apartment complexes ban pets outright, and this creates problems for pet […]

Apartment Air Pollution

How Safe Is the Air in Your Apartment?

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How often do you consider the air quality of your home? We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, so having good-quality air circulating indoors is vital, even if you live in an apartment. Pollutants created inside your home or drawn in from outside can create serious health issues— including asthma, lung cancer, and chronic […]

The Top 3 Central Florida Neighborhoods for Millennials

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At ABODO, we often explore different parts of the country and what up-and-coming areas mean for renters, specifically those millennial renters. Today, let’s take a look at an area of the country that attracts many millennials, especially at this time of year, due to the weather and affordability — Central Florida. Central Flordia has grown to […]

Energy Efficient Roofing

11 Ways to Make Your Rental Property and Roofing More Energy Efficient

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With the staggering effects of pollution and greenhouse emissions today, it’s no wonder that everyone’s looking at ways to make their homes greener. And that includes rental properties. Of course, some of the methods below will need permission from your landlord, but others can be done quickly and easily without. Here are 11 ways to […]