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[National Report] Rent Divergence Continues as One-Bedroom Units Decrease Again

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The July one-bedroom weakness appeared again in August while two-bedroom units reported strength. The trend we identified last month where decliners were moving more sharply downward than gainers has become less pronounced in both one and two-bedrooms. 1-Bedroom Apartments One-bedroom apartments still showed a 4.06 percent YTD rise, but this was down again from 4.54 […]

Home office design

How to Design the Perfect Apartment Office Space

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Whether you’re working from home, studying for classes or digging deep into a hobby, you may decide you need a dedicated space for your productive efforts. How do you achieve this when you live in an apartment with limited room?   No worries — you have plenty of options for creating an office that’s both mentally […]

moving to phoenix

What To Consider When Moving To Phoenix

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Moving to a new city or community can sometimes seem overwhelming. When moving a thousand miles from home, we leave behind all the comforts of things familiar. We find ourselves in a new world of needs and confusion. And if you have decided to pack up and move, here are three essential things to consider […]

moving in together

How to Move in Together Without Going Crazy

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Renting an apartment is usually an exciting thing, and when you do it together with your partner, it gets more interesting. If you have been renting an apartment on your own for years, making decisions and adjustments to accommodate another person into your living space comes with its issues. Remember that moving in together is […]

community involvement

3 Tips for Becoming More Involved in Your New Community

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Moving apartments can be a daunting task. There are so many unknowns that it’s natural to feel a bit nervous. This is especially true if you will move to a whole new area. One of the best ways to settle in as quickly as possible is to find ways to become involved in your community. […]