Camden County College:
A Local Perspective

Find a Great Apartment Near Camden County College

Both the state’s light rail system (the Riverline route) and PATCO’s trains (Lindenwold and Philadelphia routes) are within a block from Camden Community College’s campus. These trains serve Camden and the towns and cities next to it. Most notably, it provides quick and simple access to Philadelphia. A lot of students here hail from the city, and others move there when they’re enrolled here. For them, the trains are a lifesaver, and keep them from worrying about vehicles and parking. There are also buses that run in the area, and have more stops for their routes than the trains do. Most CCC students have friends who go to state colleges or private universities, and while they may enjoy certain facets of college life like Greek life, major sports games, and other school events, CCC students have a huge advantage in one area of college life: nightlife. Despite not having as much of the aforementioned activities, their school is only two miles from Center City in Philly. That’s only a five minute drive, 15 minute bus ride, and 20 minute train ride. You have the all the city’s resources at your command, whether it’s on a calm Sunday afternoon or a raging Saturday night.


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