University Of New England:
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As wonderfully social and tight-knit as the UNE community is, the nightlife scene is a bit lacking. There is no Greek life at UNE, but there is certainly a lot of drinking and smoking on the beach and around the dorms. The parties that take place here are somewhat small, and with close friends. The closest bars are nothing special, so some make the trip to Portland for drinking and music.Overall, Biddeford isn’t the right place for you if you want dancing, drinking, and ragers, but if you like to get wild with your closest buds out in nature, you’d probably like UNE. UNE is right on the ocean. For this reason, many students hang out on the beach, whether for drinking and smoking, bonfires, photography, or just to get away for a nice walk, the coastline is the highlight of the UNE campus. There are many activities, clubs, and sports at UNE, and the campus center often has free classes like kick-boxing and zumba. There is always something going on at UNE, and it’s always free! The students who go here are friendly, and social, and spend most of their time socializing on the beach at bonfires. Shopping centers are only ten minutes or so away, as are movie theaters, salons, and art galleries, and thirty minutes away is Portland, where many fantastic musicians and bands perform.


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