Northampton County Area Community College:
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Bethlehem’s crime is noticeably lower than other cities in the area. For example, Allentown’s crime rate is almost twice as high, and Easton and Phillipsburg both have higher rates as well. There are usually only one or two murders a year in the city--a low number for a place with over 75,000 residents. I think it helps that the city is in an academic setting with Lehigh, Moravian, and NCACC in town, and also that it has an educated populace. If you’re looking for the safest place to live in the Lehigh Valley, I’m confident you’ll end up at the city of Bethlehem. Going to a commuter campus can cause some difficulties, and oftentimes they’re problems you wouldn’t think of. For example, parking can be difficult sometimes because everyone drives to class. There can also be traffic on or near the campus during parts of the day, and on the adjacent thruway, too. Then there’s driving in the snowy winter, or during heavy rain in the spring. But these are things you figure out on the fly, or make the necessary adjustments to as the semester goes on. The most important thing to figure out first is the quickest route and a backup route just in case the first one is blocked off or clogged with traffic; the rest will fall in place.


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