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Baton Rouge has a cool public transportation setup, led by Capital Area Transit System buses. They have a student rate you can sign up for, I think the fare is only thirty or forty cents with it. I don’t think I have to tell you how much cheaper that is than buying gas and parking. They also provide a bus tracking system so students can use their phones, laptops, tablets, or whatever devices they carry around nowadays to know where their bus is at all times. If you own a vehicle you may still feel more inclined to drive it to class, but the city allows you to commute with a car if you want to. Baton Rouge’s nightlife isn’t as famous--or maybe I should say infamous--as nearby New Orleans, but there’s still plenty of shenanigans students can get involved in here. And Baton Rouge celebrates Mardi Gras just as hard too, with parades and parties and just all-around mayhem. This should be expected, as the city is home to LSU’s main campus, and the students there love to party. Every weekend there are events going on around the city and near their campus not just for them, but for every college student in the area. So BRCC students should feel perfectly at home at an LSU football game, or making friends at one of their parties.


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