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UB is squished in the middle of the Midtown-Belvedere, Mount Vernon, and Bolton Hill neighborhoods. Personally, Mount Vernon is my favorite neighborhood for restaurants with the Helmand, Akbar, Indigma and Kumari. But Midtown, which is closest to UB, also has some great restaurants, and there’s a great balance between affordable and expensive restaurants there, as well as an eclectic mix of different food styles. Bolton Hill has its fair share of great restaurants too, and if you want more offerings, Downtown is located just south of Mount Vernon. It seems that more students are using public transit in their commute than ever, and at UB the transportation options are arguably more diverse than at any other Baltimore school. The school has its own stop on the city’s light rail line (with tickets costing just $1.60.) It also has quite a few stops on the city’s bus line, and in addition the school runs its own free shuttle program. Another shuttle students can take is the Charm City Circulator, another free shuttle that can take students around the area. And there are also two train options: there’s a subway stops that’s just a few blocks from campus, and an Amtrak stop one block away at Pennsylvania Station.


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