Medical College of Georgia:
A Local Perspective

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There are nine local bus routes in Augusta, but they’re more the type of transportation you would use to get to the local Kmart for supplies or the mall for shopping. As means of everyday commuting the buses here are insufficient. Their hours definitely don’t suit a student’s needs, and they don’t have stops in all of the city’s neighborhoods. Cars are the choice of transportation for nearly everyone here; students are no exception. A vehicle would be a worthy exception, partly because commuting through public transit is unreliable and partly because it’s just easier and more convenient to be able to go wherever you want whenever you want. Augusta is most well-known for its activities during the day, like its golf courses and shopping areas. But its nightlife isn’t too shabby either, which is what students care more about because they love to go out on the weekends more than the average Augusta resident. For that there are the typical amenities, like sports bars, clubs, lounges, pubs, and the like. There are a few other schools in the city so the locals are no strangers to students and their behavior on the weekends.


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