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Price ranges for rentals in Athens are extremely flexible, and where you begin your search depends entirely on your budget. Most college students aren’t able to afford high-end apartments and aim for apartments that have rents in the mid to high hundreds (per month). Usually they also have a roommate or two to split the bill with. Athens is a huge college city because of the University of Georgia, so there’s lots of affordable housing for students. You should be able to find a good one or two bedroom rental for around $500 or less, and a three bedroom for $800 or less. There are also more expensive options that are nicer homes than typical college apartments, and peak around $1,000 or slightly more. The commuting options for the school depend entirely on which campus you live on. The main campus is in the city of Athens, and there are several satellite areas. For example, if you go to the campus on the outskirts of Elberton, there isn’t a constant public transportation service that students can take to and from the campus, so you will need a vehicle to get back and forth from class. However, the urban campuses like the one in Athens are reachable via public transportation and walking.


We currently have 2,032 apartments near Athens Technical College available for rent. If you're not sure how much an apartment will cost, the table below shows the average price by size.
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