Chippewa Valley Technical College:
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Eau Claire’s economy flourished because of the lumber industry, and manufacturing. However the economy has reshaped due to the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs by opening plans that focused on computer hardware. The median household income in Eau Claire is $45,135 which is lower than the national average, but it is still a decent living. The unemployment rate is holding at about 6%, which is also lower than the national average (but that’s a good thing!). CVTC has academic advising and career services to help you make the right decisions about jobs when you graduate. Wisconsin, on average, is cold. Not Alaska cold, but cold nonetheless. The average temperature in the coldest month (January) is just 17 degrees, and in the Summer months the average temperature barely gets above 70. The most precipitation falls in August, and 4.3 inches falls on average. Eau Claire also gets a good amount of snow, on average 45 inches fall during the colder months.


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