Anderson University:
A Local Perspective

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Anderson University is well connected to a system of major roads. Routes 81, 29, 178, 81, 24, and further away, Interstate 85, bridge students from their off campus apartments to class buildings. The majority of Anderson students (78%) have cars with them when they’re on campus, making the university very car-centric. There aren’t many public transportation options available to students, so if you depend on commuting you need to get four wheels of your own (or two if you’re into cycling). Winters on Anderson’s campus are milder than in the Northeast or other pockets of the Midwest, but are still reasonably cold, with average temperatures in the 20s F. The summer, if you stay on campus or in a nearby rental when classes aren’t in session, is incredibly humid and hot, with temps consistently in the 80s and 90s on hotter days. But with the sticky humidity, the real feel could easily exceed 100 degrees. Fall and spring are somewhat in the middle of winter and summer, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, although both seasons have unexpectedly have warmer and colder days.


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