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UMass is a mile and a half away from downtown Amherst, which is accessible to students by bus or car. A bit further away is Northampton (ten miles away), but is still worth a trip on the weekend for students. It’s become a very trendy city, and is the center for arts and culture in Western Massachusetts. If you’ve got a car and want to start your rental search outside of Amherst, check out its neighbors Hadley, Hatfield, South Deerfield/Sunderland, North/South Amherst, or the aforementioned Northampton. UMass Amherst’s nightlife is why the school is jokingly referred to as “Zoomass.” There are parties every night, although most students wait until Thursday through Sunday to go out. On the weekend, downtown Amherst is full of students (mostly the bars, there aren’t a lot of good clubs) and there’s always a lot going on closer to campus too. Southwest and Puffton are popular areas for off-campus partying in student apartments, and the school’s fraternities and sororities throw weekly parties. The PVTA buses are a great way to get to parties without having to drive, and many students also walk.


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