Darton College:
A Local Perspective

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Darton College is large reason why the Albany Transit System exists. With seven bus routes and several others proposed, every student should look into their services before buying a car or ask a friend for rides. The only disadvantage is that the buses run from eight in the morning to five in the night. Some students need an earlier bus because they have a class at eight, and others need a later bus because their class runs past five. But even with limited hours, the buses can be a huge help to your commute, and if you need to you can plan your class schedule around their hours.Albany has a crime rate that’s two times higher than the US average, and almost double the Georgia average, too. The safest parts of the city are the western neighborhoods in the Ducker and Gillionville region and the southeast near Crestwood and Putney. Not coincidentally, these are also the communities that are furthest from downtown. Fortunately, Darton is in a safe part of Albany, almost four miles out of downtown and near the Doublegate and Gillionville communities.


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