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A Local Perspective

Adelphi is an unincorporated area that includes a handful of small communities that have been grouped together for statistical purposes. The area takes its name from the Adelphi Mill, built well over two hundred years ago. The population throughout the area is around 15,000.

There are actually 11 small subdivisions that combine to make up the larger Adelphia area. The University of Maryland's main campus is located very near to Adelphi. The University of Maryland University College is located immediately within the Adelphia area. UMUC is focused on distance education, but nearby UM enrolls over 37,000 students every year.

Finding an Adelphi Apartment

When to search

Most times of the year should yield pretty good results for an apartment hunter in Adelphi. One thing to keep in mind is that many of the people renting are students. That means that the summer is likely to be the absolute best time to look for an apartment, as there are always less students living in a college town during those months.

Staying in the know

Adelphi landlords are fair, and happy to get responsible new tenants into their rental properties. Responsibility is the key. You want to prove to your landlords that you're capable of meeting your responsibilities, either by providing them with solid references, or with proof of employment that shows you're gainfully employed.

Life in Adelphi


Because Adelphi is a collection of a handful of smaller communities, the infrastructure for travel is not as developed as it may be in larger centers. As a result of this, having a car is highly advisable. There are shuttles available to and from the Universities, but unless that's the only route you plan on travelling, having a car should make your list of priorities.

Where to play

Adelphi residents often make the journey to take in games played by the University of Maryland Terrapins. Visiting local historic sites like the original Adelphi Mill is a great way to connect to local history. There are a few good bars in the area, with several concentrated around the University of Maryland. Looney's Pub is great because it changes throughout the day, starting out as a sports bar but turning into a dance club in the evening.