We are a 33 person Madison startup

We believe a great apartment should be easy to find.

ABODO was founded in early 2012 for a very simple reason: Apartment hunting in our hometown of Madison, WI, was just plain agonizing.

As recent college grads — with more than 10 apartment hunts between us — we had far too much personal experience with the typical, painful apartment search.

The endless scrolling through outdated Craigslist ads. The apartment listing sites that look like they were built in the ‘90s. And the all-too-common resignation to walking and driving through neighborhoods looking for “For Rent” signs. We thought there had to be a better way.

So we built it.

We partnered with every property owner and manager we could find, and created the largest, most complete local inventory of apartments Madison had ever seen.

Then we placed that inventory on a modern, user-friendly interface to make apartments incredibly simple to find.

And after tens of thousands of renters used ABODO in the months following its inception, we knew we’d found a way to help solve the problem.

So we expanded to more cities just like Madison. First we hit Minneapolis, Columbus, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. And now we’re expanding even further, in an effort to take the agony out of apartment hunting in as much of the U.S. as we possibly can.

It’s our mission, but it’s also a promise we make to our users. So let us know if we are keeping our promise, and, if not, how we can.

Finding people places. Nothing matters more to us.

The Team

Be the company you would want to do business with. That's our motto.

Alec slocum
Alec Slocum
Chad aldous
Chad Aldous
Adam olien
Adam Olien
Matthew schneck
Matthew Schneck
Kristen holle
Kristen Nelson
Louie penaflor
Louie Penaflor
Rose walton
Rose Walton
Sydney temple
Sydney Temple
Lizzy manthe
Lizzy Manthe
Matt togstad
Matt Togstad
Alec martin
Alec Martin
Patrick burkholder
Patrick Burkholder
Joe fugate
Joe Fugate
Sam radbil
Sam Radbil
Brent wegner
Brent Wegner
Corey murphy
Corey Murphy
Ben fechter
Ben Fechter
Justin davidson
Justin Davidson
Mark mcgill
Mark McGill
Ashly erickson
Ashly Erickson
Hayley coyle
Hayley Coyle
Daniel zych
Daniel Zych
Patrick caflisch
Patrick Caflisch
Alec vice
Alec Vice
James bertolli
James Bertolli
Kylee smith
Kylee Smith
Will martin
Will Martin
Russell eldridge
Russell Eldridge
Ben kreyer
Ben Kreyer
Jeff carley
Jeff Carley
Jordan wilkins
Jordan Wilkins
Zac dettinger
Zac Dettinger